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Emer Andersson
Emer Andersson
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I love finding out more and more about The Devils and Hell they are consistently my favorite stories.

I also liked that I got Renown: Hell for siding with Hell. Considering my current Renown is over 48, and about half-way to 49, it seemed the right thing for my character. I also live in a very nice sanctum, so it would be awkward at tea time if I hadn't.

Probably my favorite Devil based story since 12:15 to Moloch Street.

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Tick, tock, tick, tock don't forget to unlock!

ESs items and quality requirements sheet. Please check if there are errors or if something is missing
Achievement list if you're feeling bored!
I am accepting Plant battles, Neath's Mysteries card, Starveling Cats and boxed cats.
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Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
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Ooops, new story tomorrow? I should remember to save actions!

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This story had a lot of good things going for it, but finding out that the merciful option with the beast early on was the strictly worse option than either of the two, I feel like I've been cornered a bit by my own RP tendencies if not the game itself.

Thoroughly agree that the Hope & Vigour counter was a great mechanic.

I sided with the church in the story (honestly, after reading the Beatific Stone text, it's hard not to) and it felt like a decent choice.

The story didn't have the "wow" factor of Cricket or Bonfire, but it was decent.

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This is a decent story. It has an interesting premise and some interesting characters and settings. However, the pacing is uneven and the mechanics are not ideal.

On the one hand, it's nice to get some Renown boosts, and not even at the very final choice, but in several places. This makes much sense and is inline with how Renown is *supposed* to work (and it's a shame more Exceptional Stories don't do this). On the other hand, losing Renown at the end is much more problematic. Not only is this unannounced (and can be extremely painful/impossible to regain), but it goes against what Renown *is* (or is supposed to be). With the old Connected quality it made a lot of sense for some choices to drop the quality. With Renown, even your worst behaviour towards a faction should only increase Renown with them even further!

It's also a shame that this story didn't try to tie in with the player character's choices in "Bound in Diocesan Intrigue". I kept expecting some callback to that dangling storyline...

All in all, interesting and entertaining, but uneven.

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