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After playing Sunless Sky for some time i have some questions i hope to find answers to. I also played sunless sky and i am a fellow citizen of fallen london. Still.. i have sometimes trouble to understand the vast details of this world.

What happened to London?
As far as i understand the Londoners went through the North Gate. A strange piece in Sunless Sky which a couragous captain could venture through with a steamer. her eternal majesty is back in the game...

But what happened then? it seems to be that the gate was closed after some or most? londoners went through and build a new london in the sky or i have misunderstood this... the whole city went into the sky?

Otherwise, what happend with the old london down in the neath? and what happened to the masters of the bazar, this almost allmighty embodyments of power and rules? (just a little less powerfull than my aunt, it seems)

Also i didn't find any clue what happened to the tomb colonists or the khanate. I wonder why they don't seem to be in the sky.. and if londoners in the sky still have the ability of extreme stamina (and to stay alive...)

when i look into the Great Game i have a hard time to believe that londons enemies are not in heaven as well... but if the great gate is the only entry there... maybe they didn't make it. But are some Londoners still in the underzea and in the old london there?

I do miss the monster hunters (and their turtle) because the heavens seem to be a good hunting ground for those people.
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London and the Khanate cooperated to open the way to the heavens; explore more, and you'll find the Khan & Co. Naturally, London did not invite anyone else to go with them to the sky, so the Presbyterate, the Chelonate, Visage, Irem, and all the others are still in the Neath, and I suppose nobody's keeping a watch over the Empire of Hands any more. (This could be bad...)

Old London is no doubt still moldering on the edges of the Unterzee, largely abandoned; the Palace of Westminster (where Parliament meets) was brought into the sky brick by brick, and was probably not alone, but New London seems to have mostly been built of local resources. The Masters, as far as I know, are sitting in their Bazaar-spires scheming to bring down the Sixth City. From their perspective, I suppose it's not much different than what happened when the Khan abandoned the Fifth City and left it empty for many years before London was bought.

Londoners can (and often do) die quite permanently up here. The influence of [redacted] is confined only to the Neath.

I think that's as far as I can answer without spoiler tags.

Prof. Sian Kan, at your service.
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