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Lore Question about Well of Wonders *SPOILERS* Messages in this topic - RSS

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I haven't done TRUTH ambition yet, and it may be that the answers I seek wait there, but I just stumbled into the massive lore dump in the Well of Wonders for the first time and have some questions.

1. Is the Prince Apostle the Choir-in-One? The princes of light are clearly devils, and I know the Choir-in-One is some kind of Ur-Devil who led a rebellion. Are they one in the same? Completely separate rebellions? Is the Prince Apostle possibly related to a certain devil in the exceptional story featuring the intrepid deacon?

2. What is the relation of The Halved to the King Who Speaks and King Who Wars? At first it looked pretty clear that The Halved was the King Who Speaks, but his subsequent murder put an end to that idea, and it seems pretty doubtful the King Who Wars would suddenly take a pro-Liberation stance after all the fire and death and rebel squashing. Did something later corrupt them and make them reverse course hard? Is The Halved some undead version of the King who speaks?
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