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25 days ago
Cpt. Eructus wrote:
I've come across a mention of "bracket-gruel" when dining with one of the officers. Searching for obscure menaings of "bracket" doesn't conme up with anything remotely edible, so I assume it's a typo for "bracken"? That's my best guess.

I imagine that's talking about bracket fungi (polypores), some of which are edible.

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25 days ago
My guess is that it's a type of dish made up by zailors to make gruel more appetizing? While the Haunted Doctor mentions that 'the gruel is a bit too rich for my taste' I think it more of him being a terrible liar and wanting to get away from the table than indicating that there may be something like spices or fish added.

It's possible that it signifies something like brackish/brack gruel, which means slightly salty water. As gruel is typically made using water (milk is used for more luxurious gruel), it's possible that it incorporates some zee water or water from around London (brackish water is typically water from where salt and freshwater collide).

Finally, it's possible that it's supposed to mean bracket. Brackets are typically used to support weight, and this may refer to this gruel being the bare bones, designed to literally keep a zailor up throughout the day, like a staple food or emergency ration. It could also refer to a method of cooking it, like a cooking pot attached to a bracket.

However, none of these really come to my mind when I read bracket-gruel, so you should probably just translate the word bracket literally in whatever way works.

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Cpt. Eructus
Cpt. Eructus
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20 days ago
Thanks! Some food for thought (hopefully not this gruel)

Bracket fungi seems the most plausible, as most of the Neath's diet is mushroom-based. I didn't find that meaning in my search, but they have appeared in the game befoire with a different name: shelf fungi, so I may use that ("hongo de repisa"), or "Políporo" so it's just one word.

I think the Doctor excusing himself from eating more has more to do with him making excuses to avoid talking too much about his past endevours, which is a recurring thing with him, than the actual taste of the gruel.

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