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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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Big Ol' Floofer

I agree!:6
You can't put a number on a dog's love! :18
But that would break the game!:0
Don't Care / Shut Up, Tystefy!:3
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The Inadvisably Big Dog doesn't give you +20 Hearts.
I expected a sense of realism while cruising through the dead stars, but I guess that's just too much to much to ask for.

Will sometimes return to post absurdity.
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I for one I am in total agreement. In fact, if I knew how to mod, I would have added this:


Approach the Advisably Large Dog
Unlocked with 1x Supplies
Dog backwards is god, right?

Your crew don black robes and walk, hushed, to its altar. They deposit their sacrifices of biscuits and chew toys at its feet. The god is pleased. It showers affection on all. The crew gasp as you are permitted the holiest of duties- the belly rub.

Terror -10
-1x Supplies

Pleased to meet you. Ixc, spy and detective. Inventor of the Correspondence Cannon.
Are you a Paramount Presence? Record your name here. For posterity, of course.

Being poked incessantly by nightmares? Poke them back!
Vote the Viscountess for Mayor!
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Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
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Awwww you could not have a horror game with a face like that!

Lover of all things beautiful, secret admirer of ugly truths, fond of the Parabola Sun... and always delighted to role play.
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