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I distinctly remember the game informing me that you can somehow check the available prospects, bargains and goods that are sold in different ports using the chart.

Maybe I am missing something, but so far I was unable to find any information, or indeed, any interactive elements in the chart. I can see the exclamation marks hanging around the few ports I've encountered so far, and after considerable clicking around was able to see one-sentence long description of some (not even all) of these ports. That's it.

Is this working in the intended way? If so, is there any other way to see what goods a given port sells, or what bargains/prospects are available, apart from returning to said ports and checking onsite?

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Clicking on ports should tell you their main export and whether they sell fuel and supplies.

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We're aware of the issue and the problem here is two fold.

If you change your resolution in game to a 16:9 aspect ratio then the port tooltips stop working. Exiting to the title screen and going back in will resolve the issue. The tooltips are not working at all on non 16:9 resolutions, even after a restart.

We'll get both issues sorted ASAP.
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