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Greetings Skyfarers,

We’ve just pushed out a patch for the Commander update which contains a number of changes which will help with performance in general, but particularly with the VRAM issues we’ve been seeing which were causing crashes and hangs at the point of character creation, campaign mode selection and region transfer.

Some of these issues may remain on lower end machines. If you experience any black screens, hangs or crashes then please get in touch with us at skies@failbettergames.com with the following:

  • Machine specs, including graphic card details
  • Save files
  • Output log
  • Details of where and when you experience the issue in game.

Sending your details will help us to continue our performance and optimisation work during our polish phase leading up to launch. We also appreciate updates from anyone who has previously contacted us about the performance issues they have been experiencing.

Here’s a brief list of the fixes in this update:

  • Multiple performance related fixes.
  • Introduction of a Texture Quality setting available on the Options menu - this will help with VRAM issues in particular, so if you are having performance issues try setting this to low.
  • Interacting with the Big Ben spectacle will no longer lock out the interface (the content is still locked so you still cannot interact with it however).
  • Officer dialogue no longer draws over interfaces when accessed via the Officer HUD.
  • You can now speak to Officers and view their dialogue after accessing the bank or a shop.
  • Items can no longer be duplicated after selling them directly from the bank.
  • ‘Unseen’ events should no longer be visible at ports.
  • We’ve fixed the delay when equipping items.
  • Crew is no longer lowered when exchanging locomotives when you have items that boost Quarters equipped.
  • We’ve fixed an OpenGL issue which was causing transparent interfaces and missing quality result text.

As always thank you for your patience with these issues, particularly for the delays over the holiday period.
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Professor Wensleydale of Hardwick
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