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Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn
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It’s Christmastime in the Neath—even the rats’ eyes have a certain festive glow.


From today until Christmas day, visiting the Fallen London Advent Calendar from midday will reward you with a gift, or something like one.

Click once to open the door for that day, and then click again to receive your prize!

Follow us on the channel of your choice (Twitter or Facebook) for reminders of when each gift is released, and check back frequently so you don’t miss out - each door is only open for a few days.


Let your loved ones and enemies know you’re thinking of them: Christmas cards are now available!

Get your first parcel of cards through the advent calendar

Your stock of cards will be replenished weekly by Time, the Healer, starting on the 3rd of December and ending on Christmas Day. Send them to other players who are your Acquaintances (or, to send cards with a Fate cost, to other players who you are Contacts with).

Find them in your Lodgings, under Send a Christmas Card. Keep an eye out for this year’s contrary Mayoral card!

Find new players to exchange cards with here, or on the Fallen London subreddit, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Use #flcards to show your interest!


For the Philanthropic Londoner, two returning options for giving a little something to a friend (available permanently):

It is now possible to gift 50 or 100 Fate to other players.

You can do this from your Lodgings, on the Give a Gift of Fate card, or when drawing the Give a Gift! A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words card from your deck.

You can also give Notability to another player!

If you have two or more Notability, you can give a single point to someone who has none via the Recommend an Unknown Acquaintance option on A visit from Slowcake's Amanuensis. The other player must also be ‘a significant individual' or higher, and be Acquainted with you.


The Fallen London store is bursting with clothes, accessories and gift ideas for you and your delicious friends!

Featured is the Mr Sacks range, guaranteed to attract second glances, questions at your festive parties (is that Father Christmas? Where are his eyes?), and perhaps a few nightmares this holiday season!

Be certain to order your gifts with plenty of time for shipping! (Usually we'd tell you the cutoff dates for orders here, but Spreadshirt don't seem to have published them this year.)


There are plenty more festivities to come later in the month. The Neath does get snow, of a sort, and there is a new premium story on its merry way.

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Currently, Mayor Feducci's christmas card is still visible, locked with the Key of Dreams. You might want to remove him to avoid confusion (and an angry Contrarian) wink

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Indeed. A Mayoral Pardon from an ex-mayor (especially one who left office as indecorously as Feducci) is most unfit.

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Professor Wensleydale of Hardwick
Professor Wensleydale of Hardwick
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Hooray, the Advent Link works!

Sir Wensleydale of Hardwick- Monochromatic Myrmidon, Newspaper Editor, Legendary Charisma.


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