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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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Release Date: 08/11/2018
Known Issues

Chart Fixes
Greetings skyfarers, we've just pushed out a hotfix for a misalignment issue some payers were seeing with the chart when moving out of the Reach. This was making navigation difficult around Albion and Eleutheria.

Traitor's Wood
Please also note that the Traitor’s Wood content is definitely fixed and can be completed. If you see issues, namely a blank storylet in the Barrows of Silence, then this is because your qualities are in an unusual state owing to content accessed during the rework of Traitor’s Wood. As we mentioned here we encourage everyone to start a new save file in the Survival build. Saves older than the Survival build will not be supported going forward to launch.

If you’ve been affected by the Traitor’s Wood issue please contact us at skies@failbettergames.com.

As always thank you for your patience with these issues.
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