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So, after playing the New Reach, I travelled to Albion, and I found it... empty/boring... I think it lacks of more enemies and enemy variety and more places to discover and interact with.

There are many cool ideas and the art is amazing but... it lacks of something.... the main problem is that once you have discovered most of the ports, exploring the rest of the areas feels very boring because you rarely find anything interesting. i wanted to explore everything but at the end I thnought.... "what for? I am not going to find anything anyway..."

Things that I love:
+ The art, specially the industrial areas and the spectacles.

Things to be improved:
- More enemy types (there are a couple of new spaceships to confront but... no bees or wood-flying-things)

- At least some stronger enemies. Some areas of the New Reach feel more difficult than Albion.

- POSIBLE SPOILER [spoiler] The Eye and the tentacles in the mist, they look amazing, the first time very terrifying... after you realized that they do no harm... then is just meh... they need to be harmful, so you are really scared to confront them [/spoiler] POSIBLE SPOILER END.

- More interesting places to explore. Now there are just too many zones full of boring rocks.

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I agree that Albion needs an update. While I haven't been to Eleutheria yet, I can definitely say that Albion feels a little bit barren compared to the updated reach. I'm not saying Albion needs to be anywhere near as cavernous as the Reach, but certain regions such as the areas around the wreck and the mausoleum are good examples of what the rest of the map should be like: lots of "shorelines" and "islands" to guide players towards ports and other places of interest. Albion just needs to be a tiny bit denser than it currently is.
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