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This is the place to discuss playing the game. Find tips, debate the best places to find certain items and share advice.

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Meradine Heidenreich
Meradine Heidenreich
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Like a few other people, I've been using the extra time during lockdown to play a few of the ES I still had waiting.

This one was quite enjoyable, especially the freedom to roam the site and discover various minor plotlets. But there seemed to be something amiss with the mechanics. I supported the revolutionaries almost exclusively (1 exception), but that exception was misidentified in the text, and I weirdly ended up as if I had supported the ministry throughout and was only able to play the constables branches at the end -- despite the minister being "furious". I'll be sending a note to FB to see what's up with that.


The Starveling kit
Gobbled up the bit
of cheese on my tray ..
"O Weh!"

No plant battles, please.
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10 days ago
Oh, that's nice, the Revolutionaries are going to disrupt the Ministry of public decency just by making the event a lot more fun for Londoners. A little pandemonium would indeed not hurt in this cas- oh no no NO this escalated very quickly!! :O
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