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I found this one kinda weird, at one point you head down past the engine room in Aigul and after passing a few different stat tests, you come to where her brother's regret lies, when you take the regret, you get an option to grow the regret into a spine, but then once you do that you get an option to share it with the First Mate that states "Sharing the spine would relinquish one means of delivering the regret to the Sister, but there are other ways."

But after the First Mate consumes it, the "Aigul: Commissioned to Retrieve a Regret" Quality doesn't change and you still can go to Hunter's Keep to meet the Imperious Sister and complete the action "Deliver her Brother's regret, in Needle form" which doesn't really make sense as you let him consume the needle.

Is this an oversight or is it meant to be like this?

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