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Elaina Schill
Elaina Schill
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Well, not literally. I've been mulling over a weaseller Fallen London fangame, but I have a tendency to quit as soon as things get challenging or as soon as I become disinterested. I tried a while ago to start an actual game but things weren't doing what I wanted them to and I didn't know why, so it got shelved. Time to bring it down! If anybody would be interested in helping out a newbie with some game mechanics, I've already got a lot of content down on paper and have a general idea of how I want it to work. I just need to learn HOW to do that. If anybody's interested, please let me know! Suggestions are also appreciated.

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I will accept any social actions on Fallen London(unless its a box of live rats. I already got rid of the d---ned things once and am not eager to repeat the endeavor).
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I'm mostly a newbie myself and working on a project of my own, so I'm afraid I can't help you much. Happy to swap tips though, or at least lurk here to see what I can learn as well! At the moment I'm struggling with getting custom images to work.
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