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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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As stated in the roadmap:
Improved combat AI, more player weaponry, improved feedback, adjustable difficulty, a new HUD, and various improvements to the UI.

So i want to talk about current state of weaponry in SSkies. It is awfully boring. And unimaginative. And a huge waste of opportunities. What do we have now? Gun that shoots slow, gun that shoots fast and a shotgun. Yeah, technically there are 9 weapons, but difference is only heat per damage, so basically its 3.

We need more interesting weapons. Examples:
1. Weapons that make impact on targets, rotating them or knocking.
2. Weapons that provide mobility. Like slow shooting gun, that knocks our loco to the side so well timed shots provide additional dodge. Or weapon, that remove cooldown for side-dodge for 2 seconds after shooting. Or weapon that makes your loco charge to enemy like battering ram.
3. Missiles with homing capability. Or shooting proximity mines. Or projectiles that explode on some distance making more projectiles. Dropping auto-shooting turrets? Weapon, that drops orb (up to N orbs), and there is a damaging beam between the orbs.

Its easy to continue. Can we have a better weapons? Please? Pretty please?

Another topic that i want to discuss is locomotive speed. In combat it feels more or less fine. But in general world traveling its very, very slow. I have to admit that it is slightly better than in SSea. Which was painfully wasting players lifetime. But. In SSea there were late-game engines that make your ship move much faster. So i personally used Cheat Engine to speed up whole application to 2x speed until i can get them. Back to the point. We need a faster movement that will not affect combat. At least +25% speed boost, maybe more. Please, respect players time.
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Love the suggestions for weapons that affect mobility... and for a battering ram, which might make a virtue of my oafish hand at the controls.

But also I'd like to see a beam weapon: hold down the trigger for a low-heat, low-damage continuous attack.
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