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Even in a lineage, it feels weird to me that when you die now you start in London instead of the Reach, it would feel better off to me to start in the reach as it was intended to be the starting point, Albion is supposed to be the slightly harder region, and I am feeling like it's harder to get things done and I am dying more often than I would starting off in the Reach
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On one hand, i'd agree that Albion is a harder place for combat, due to the voluminous presence of imperial ships. And if you're a royalist yourself there's precious little you can shoot without betraying your principles. But doesnt that mean they'd also not hurt you?

On the other hand, ive found albion generally easier to potter around in. Many ports have opportunities to reduce terror, gain sky stories and similar stuffs, on a 15 day cooldown. Prospects are still a thing, and some ports (like worlebury) offer plenty of profitable opportunities.

it is my personal opinion that albion is, overall, an easier region than the reach

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