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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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The clockwork sun in albion has several layers of constantly spinning gears and contraptions, its a pretty nice concept. But i feel that the current rate of spinning is too fast. It doesn't quite have the ominous horror feel that the dawn machine had, instead its more frantic, and perhaps even a little silly. Beautiful as it is, the speed of the animation kind of spoils the believability of the effect.

Another issue that strikes me is that it's beautiful and detailed. Really pretty, the intricacy is astounding. But you can't really take in the details when it whizzes past in a blur, the eye can't follow it

Slow it down, please? Reduce the speed by 50%, so it rotates more slowly, and looks more ponderous and purposeful. I'm pretty sure it'll look scarier as a result
edited by Nanako on 4/4/2018

Sunless Skies needs engine and speed control mechanics. Have a look at my design proposal for implementing it

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Lord Alexander Alderman
Lord Alexander Alderman
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It did sort of fit with how fast paced the trailer was. But it would be better for it to be slower in the actual game.
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