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Passionario: Profile, Story, Ending
Passion: Profile, Appearance
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Partisan Messenger Tortoise – Hermes

Bat with Attitude – Bruce

Cardsharp Monkey – Black Jack

Devious Henchman and Ruthless Henchman – Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar

Talkative Rattus Faber – Shut Up

|| the Nocturnal Nostalgist, collector of dreams and memories ||
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A Neverwhere fan, I see.

DO you recall how the Hunger began?
I'm sorry, my darling, I don't think I can!
OUT past the High Wilderness and beyond
I fear I've gone Seeking, for of Him I'm fond.
--The Elfin Cannibal

Seven scars, seven chains, a soul too stained for Hell, and seven sainted candles burning at the well.

Gone to Grieve on the 17th day of the 7th month, 1897. Will be Vake-hunting next.
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I do rather need to name my companions. The only one I've named so far is my Dashing Debunker who is now, wait for it...
Mr. Houdini.

Original, I know.

Eliza O'Claire, a Disguised Debutante.
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Salvage Tum
Salvage Tum
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I’m unoriginal, with my Hound of Heaven, Sir Pent.


Open to anything save SMEN stuff. Won’t make that mistake twice...
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The Elfin Cannibal wrote:
A Neverwhere fan, I see.

Not really a fan, but criminally addicted to references...

|| the Nocturnal Nostalgist, collector of dreams and memories ||
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Tom Davidson
Tom Davidson
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Those companions I've named:

Chauncey the Ubergoat
Peepers the Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider
Grimbelflick the Working Rat
Honcho the Bandit Chief
Wigglesworth the Lucky Weasel
Scuffle the Fighting Weasel
Terence the Reprehensible Lizard
Count Emo von Grumpington, the Sulky Bat
Lord Turplingdon the Cheerful Goldfish
Elmer Chattlesby, the Talkative Fattus Faber
Lucy, my daughter in the shadows
Weeping Marie, the Albino Rat
Hugo Baskerville, the Haunted-Looking Dog
Lancelot the Plated Seal
Bart the Tomb Lion
Ping-Pong, the Ocular Toadbeast
Roderigo San de Alma, the Corresponding Ocelot
Puddles the Slavering Dream-Hound
Anubis the Bifurcated Owl
Nubbins the Grubby Kitten
Dapper, the Unfinished Hat
Mister Pinchy, the Dark-Carapaced Crustacean
Said, the Mystic Raven Advisor
Mum, the Quiet Deviless
Vesper Suzuki, the Affable Spy
Eliza Doosplenty, the Canny Costermonger
Chillingston, the Frost-Moth
Doris the Shimmering Songster
Legion, the Scuttering Squad
Zira Rodman, Pentecost Ape
Casper the Ghostly Presence
Sophie Bonacieux, a Monster-Hunting Academic
Call-Me-Charlie, the Pirate Poet
Emma Scrivener, the Secular Missionary
The Insquamous Fig, a Nacreous Survivor
Felicia Kyle, the Cat's Fiercest Claw
Airbag, a Blemmigan Pedant
Igor von Happenschtance, Research Assistant
Astur Asture, the Woman in Yellow
Leonard Doodlesquick, Venomous Caricaturist
Aaron Damphair, Submerged Rector
Isobel Ingleneux, Esoteric Accomplice
Pfloyd, Rubbery Campanologist
Doris Leacham, Charter Clerk
Mother Whoopsi, an Antediluvian Ushtabi
Fatty Morgan, Enigmatic Augur
Mulberry, Celebrated Weasel
Rumorg, a Murderous Monkey
Variastrix, Midnight Matriarch
Pryde Goeth, a Melancholy Remembrance of a Stiff-Necked Lady
Toot-Fleur, a Blemmigan Tourist
Squicky Crackers, of the Derbyshire Crackers (a Perpetually Festive Rubbery Friend)
Thor, a Wings-of-Thunder Batling
Pound-Foolish Palaver, an Incarcerated Correspondent
Mister Moody, a Short-Tempered Shorthair
Dampers, a Wretched Mog
Caesar, an August Feline
HRH Snoofywumpkin, Princeling of the Wakeful Court
Bartholomew Manbelow, a Mandrake Who Sings Haunting Lamentations

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