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Apparently this is a series. I've found a real Tomb Colonist.

"English evolutionary theorist William Hamilton [...] wrote about how he would like his own burial to go. He wanted his body carried to the forests of Brazil and laid out to be eaten from the inside by an enormous winged Coprophanaeus beetle using his body to nurture its young, who would emerge from him and fly off."

"William Hamilton" wrote:

No worm for me nor sordid fly, I will buzz in the dusk like a huge bumble bee. I will be many, buzz even as a swarm of motorbikes, be borne, body by flying body out into the Brazilian wilderness beneath the stars, lofted under those beautiful and un-fused elytra which we will all hold over our backs. So finally I too will shine like a violet ground beetle under a stone.

This is quoted in Peter Godfrey-Smith's book Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness.

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