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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

Extremely frustrated by Magdalen's Messages in this topic - RSS

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I've run the early game four separate times, and I never find Magdalen's, and eventually I run out of money, fuel, or food and die. I've explored all the Inner Reach (the first circle) in two separate games, and run around the brim of it until I run out of fuel.

Can somebody give me a hint? I'm not having fun any more. upset

I think that part of my early-game problem is that in the early game for Sunless Seas I had training wheels. I could crawl up the coast until something interesting happened. Furthermore, there was an early quest you could solve just by crawling up the coast. In the early Sunless Skies game, I'm exploring a 2-D space with no border, so I have no idea which way to head other than "northeast".

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