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Hello! We're currently studying Game Design at Uppsala University, Sweden. During this course we are creating a interactive text-based game and we are now currently looking for thoughts and feedback on what you want to play.

We would appreciate if you could fill out this short survey.


We are greatful for all the help we can get !

Thank you!
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Sam Stephens
Sam Stephens
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Happy to help! May all manner of thing be well with your project! One tidbit of advice: you may want to add a "mysterious and indistinct" option for your question on gender. This is Fallen London, after all. wink

Hello, delicious friends! I can be found here: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Sam%20Stephens

I'm open to all non-menacing social actions. I particularly enjoy a good mystery. I'm also a Corespondent who can teach at your Orphanage.
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