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I understand the appeal of the experience from exploration mechanic (get rewarded for exploring things), and I do like it.

However, it feels a little bit inconsistent - partly because it's not always obvious which islands are exploration-worthy and which ones aren't, and partly because the range is so short that in some cases, you almost have to bump the island in order to get experience from it. This leads to a sort of frustrating scavenger hunt where you feel like you have to scoot around every single bit of scenery at a location in order to make sure you've explored everything.

Would it be possible to either increase the exploration experience range, so that anything in view of the player counts as "explored", or to add some sort of indicator to which bits of scenery are worth exploring? I don't mind getting up close and personal with something as long as the game doesn't bait me into spending resources on exploring every little nook and cranny with the prospect of maybe getting experience.
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i agree with increasing the range, it is a bit too short. theres been times where i still "discover" new areas in ports ive already flown through several times. I'd say as a general rule, if its visible onscreen then we should get the xp from it

Personally, i'd also like to see experience given in tiny amounts from exploring unknown areas, even if you dont find landmarks. Like 2xp for every discreet area of greyspace revealed, so we have an incentive to explore and completely fill out the map

Sunless Skies needs engine and speed control mechanics. Have a look at my design proposal for implementing it

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Thanks for the feedback on this one, it's been added to our feedback spreadsheet for us to look at further into development. Many thanks.
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