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Build Version: Early Access Bug Fix update #2.
Release Date: 15/11/2017

For bug reports and technical help, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Greetings Sky-Captains, just a quick update to resolve a number of bugs introduced in the last patch, plus a couple of minor quick-fixes and content updates to boot.

* The Diffident Bat can now be jettisoned.
* The Diffident Bat is now available to buy at Abraham’s Engineering at New Winchester should you be cruel enough to jettison the one you currently own.
* We’ve reduced the cost of Hull repairs from 5 to 1.
* Branches to repair your locomotive’s hull have been moved from within the New Winchester storylet to their own storylet (Repairing your Locomotive) at Wolvesey Station.

Bug fixes
* The Diffident Bat once again finds all ports in the Reach.

* All labels now appear on the chart when discovered in-game.

Engine Yards/Locomotives
* Small weapons now remain equipped when purchasing locomotives with large armament slots (i.e. Parsival and Moloch class locomotives).

* Sovereigns now update when you have the Possessions interface open when buying items.
* You can no longer travel with interfaces open after opening and closing the character progression screen.
* You no longer have to click Wolvesey Engine Yard twice to reopen it after closing it down with the X.
* The cargo Hold now auto-updates if it is open when receiving and losing items via storylets.
* The Jettison interface now updates correctly when equipping a duplicate weapon.
* Opening a shop interface when you already have another shop interface open no longer closes the interface down.

* All locomotive sounds are now muted when SFX Volume is set to 0% within game.
* Locomotive SFX have been balanced to make the engine start/stop SFX less jarring.

* In-game graphical distortions and z-fighting should no longer occur on MacOS machines with NVIDIA graphics card (we are aware of the minor z-fighting on the chart and will resolve this in the future).

* We have removed the spaces before the full stop on various journal entries.

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