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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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Check out our latest sprint blog where we discuss which new features have been added, the Enduring Dreadnought, and which pieces of feedback we're working to address soon!
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lady ciel
lady ciel
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Have you got any idea when the latest patch will be available on GOG? I've been checking since you announced it but it isn't there yet.

Edit - finally available. Looking forward to exploring the new content.
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Sorry RL means I am not a very active player at the moment. No social actions unless you are prepared to wait and definitely no sparring or other mult-action things.

No Calling Cards or boxed cats please. Will take dupes on the affluent photographers. Other social invitations welcome. Parabolan Kittens usually available, send me an in-game social action saying you want one and I will get one to you as soon as possible.

storynexus name - reveurciel
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