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the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
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Reused NPC wrote:
Intricately detailed, calligraphy, with heavily embellished capital letters:
It must be Her will... Yet, i dare not. Worse - neither dare i confirm such will (or lack thereof) with a mere question. What measure are "Nonage" or "Innocence" in a Goddess? And still, the fear that i may forever lose Her favor terrifies me so, that i am kept from professing my Love.

In the interest of tying a loose end, that was me.

Good news everyone! The Inquisitive Masseurse is back in London, from hir extended tour overzeez, and is available for house calls!

Not so great news: Streetcat is still in London. It's probably right behind you.
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