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“An archive of things that never happened”. An in-character forum for fanfiction and roleplaying. Beware - spoilers abound!

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the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
Posts: 39

Prezz Gang

As i made my way down from the Flit
A pressgang there i chanced to meet
They asked if i'd like a seat
Aboard a zubmarine, bairns

Come fellow zailors, tell me true
What sort of treatment they give you
So i'll know, ere i join the crew
Of that zubmarine, bairns

They zaid a zailor's life was grand
In honey and echoes i'd be drowned
Flor glory, they said, i would be bound
Aboard a zubmarine, bairns!

But as soon as we left Wolfstack Docks
All their promises proved but a hoax
All drew their spirifers' forks
All throughout the zubmarine, bairns...


Main character
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the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
Posts: 39

Our corvette, the Queen of Spite
With her glim-lamp shining bright
And her noble crew of rogues
Zails to waylay khanate cogs
Yet alas! Stone, Storm and Salt
Her repeatedly assault


Main character
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Elaina Schill
Elaina Schill
Posts: 192

Scarlet Ladies (Original: Spanish Ladies)

Farewell an’ adieu to you fair scarlet ladies,
Farewell, adieu to the girls of Mr Wines,
For we’ve received orders for to zail for a clipper,
An’ hope very shortly to see you again.

We’ll rant an’ we’ll roar, like true Neathy zailors,
We’ll rant an’ we’ll rave across the dark Zee,
‘Till we strike soundings in the Cumaean Channel,
From Whither to Codex is seventy-seven leagues.

We hove our ship to, with the hunger fulfilled, boys,
We hove our ship to for to take soundings clear.
In seventy-seven fathoms with a deep sunless bottom,
We pushed down our terror, up Adam's Way did steer.

The first land we made was a port called Carnelian,
Next Iron Republic, Vengerbight, and Brite.
We sailed then by Pigmote, by Khanate and Polythreme,
Then bore straight away for Avid Horizon.

Now the signal was made for the clipper to anchor,
We're paid by Admiralty, turned in our reports.
We filled up our fuel tank, we loaded our weapons,
And anchored ahead of the noblest of ships.

Let every man here drink to Salt and to Storm,
Let every man here drink up to Storm's blessing
And let us be jolly and drown melancholy,
Drink a health to each Seeker all lost to the Name.

Main, Phiri Ulfur, the Cunning Shadow. Their heart belongs to a Pirate-Poet across the Zee.
Alt Vermillion Liminate, the Tragic Scholar.
Alt #2,Lady Jacqueline Blackwood, the Savage Beauty.
Alt #3, Veracity Taylor, the Dame of the Docks.
The Dogged Seeker, self explanatory.

I will accept any social actions on Fallen London(unless its a box of live rats. I already got rid of the d---ned things once and am not eager to repeat the endeavor).
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the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
Posts: 117


Good news everyone! The Inquisitive Masseurse is back in London, from hir extended tour overzeez, and is available for house calls!

Not so great news: Streetcat is still in London. It's probably right behind you.
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