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I found that if I log out and log back in, the ports load correctly.
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Hi GoingFTL,

Closing the game and reloading does usually help yes, we've added this as one of the workarounds on our Known Issues page.

There's also a different bug with the UI scaling which causes the chart to become misaligned, and this can present itself in the same way as the missing ports issue. You can turn up to where the chart indicates a port is and there is nothing there. On moving further out into Reach, you end up finding the port in question. You can tell if you are being affected by this by opening your chart and looking at where the Regions are. Their boundaries should just touch. They should not overlap or be spread apart. Something important to note is that when changing the UI scale in-game, the effect on the chart is not seen immediately, but only after you exit and re-enter the game (e.g. quit to Title Screen and then Continue and open the chart again).

Some ideal UI scales are listed below based on resolution:

· 1920 x 1080 ~77%
· 1776 x 1000 ~83%
· 1680 x 1050 ~ 79%
· 1600 x 900 ~92%
· 1280 x 1024 ~81%

I know it sort of defeats the purpose of having the option to scale your UI at the moment but we really recommend making sure those boundary lines just touch, until we get a fix out for this.

Once your chart is properly aligned, if you turn up to a missing port then you know it's the original issue. This is where we recommend you close the game and relaunch which usually resolves the issue as you've seen.

As a word of warning, as we have yet to work on the the way the world generates beyond the Reach, going out of it and re-entering can cause issues. We think this is linked to a bug where save files can become corrupt. This is another reason we recommend you make sure those Region boundaries do not overlap, as you can end up encroaching into other Regions whilst still being within the Reach is that makes sense.
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