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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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But now I don't know what to do! Not in a general sense, but in the sense that I don't know if I should purchase a better engine first (the best one right away, or buy a mid-tier one, then upgrade later), or a better ship (I have the default one, and I know which one I want to get, first, at least.)

I'm a ways off from purchasing any large purchase like that for a little while, at least, I have 2k at this moment. I'm making decent profits, I'm just not sure as to how I should move forward when I do have the full funds.

Chrona Trigger: An academic adventurer, who is rather a large fan of masks, and is desperately curious about the many secrets of the neath. Except the one that isn't spoken of.

Arsene, Pillager of Twilight, The masked, magnanimous, and charming master thief, who will give and take as pleases him. Surprisingly steadfast for such a fickle fellow.
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