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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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Hullo, delicious friends!

I know the game is in a very early stage right now, but I thought I'll draw attention to a small issue which might matter to a few potential players.
This page states that the oldest OS the game will run on is Windows XP SP2+.
This page, however, states that players who get a black screen when trying to launch the game should download the Windows Media Feature Pack from the provided link.

However, as far as I can tell, there's no such things as a Media Feature Pack for WinXP. So, even though the game might ostensibly run on XP, it looks like it might require a Microsoft product which does not exist for that system, so effectively it doesn't / might not run on WinXP. I thought this seeming contradiction might be worth looking into.

For the record, I have XP, and get a black screen (plus movable mouse cursor) when trying to run Sunless Skies. Sunless Seas, however, runs just fine on the same machine.
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Hello Delicious Premier,

It's possible it's a different issue that looks the same. Please could you email us at skies@failbettergames.com with your tech specs and output log. Details of where to find this are on our Bug Reporting page.

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