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Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.

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What is your preferred skill?

I am Dangerous.:15
I am Persuasive.:51
I am Shadowy.:22
I am Watchful.:70
I prefer a combination of two or three skills.:40
All four! Is that not the point?:83
Alexander Feld
Alexander Feld
Posts: 382

9 days ago
I have finally manged to join these exalted ranks.

Blood - Happy in love
Marrow - Jewels in your crown
Nerves - Starry wisdom
Sinew - A true companion

I just wish the first I'd heard of PP of the Old School wasn't the announcement it was being retired. Oh well, that's what I get for a taking a several-year break from the forums.

I am a star-gazer, story-eater, and a smelter of words.

I filch hidden things from hidden places, to hide once more in my dark cabinet of curiosities

Alexander Feld, the mad, damned, lord of seekers.
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