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Drake Dynamo
Drake Dynamo
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I've been seeing a lot of worrying and people being rather distraught in the wake of the election, and to an extent, that's fine. No one likes it when they lose. I was a bit disappointed when the Bishop lost last year. But I've seen a lot of unpleasant rhetoric, like people talking about FBG "punishing" us for picking the "wrong" candidate, or that Feducci's mayoral card should be a negative one. I, quite frankly, don't understand where this is coming from. If FBG didn't want to write for a candidate, they wouldn't have included them as a candidate. This wasn't some sort of test of the player-base that we've failed, they gave us three choices, and we picked one. The idea that just because Feducci the character has some shady elements to him means we somehow collectively suffer is also unfounded. Jenny had some shady aspects to her as well, and I didn't see anything akin to what people are proposing. The Mayoral Elections are about adding something fun and cool for the players. Even though I didn't campaign for her, I found it interesting learning more about Jenny this past year.

So I suppose what I'm asking is, perhaps tone down the fear-mongering and the bleak predictions? Fallen London is going to stay mostly the same- we'll lose the Jenny card and get a Feducci card. At the upcoming seasonal festivals we'll have little stories that focus on Feducci. There'll probably be a Feducci fate story akin to the Empress's Shadow at Christmas. Life will, otherwise, go on like normal: you'll still grind casing in the Flit, you'll still run the Affair of the Box in Spite. Just remember that.
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