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Is Anyone Able And Willing To Deal With Suspicion? Messages in this topic - RSS

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I am currently seeking out any individuals who'd be willing to lower my suspicion.
Suspicion I am constantly gaining due to my constant public lectures in The Forgotten Quarter.

I am hoping that your help will come out of the kindness of your heart, or from your desires to help educate the public on the correspondence, or some other reason.

But, if it proves a necessity; I am willing to provide compensation for those who aid me.
Just send me a letter regarding payment, and I'll discuss the matter with you as soon as I can.

I assume by default that most will be simply providing me an alibi, and thus wont be taking any invitations to Dante's.
And I also assume by default that most would bestow absolute hell onto me, were I to place my suspicion onto them.

But If anyone is willing to accept (or only willing to take) one (or both) of those options (even if it would require me to pay you ((or pay you extra))), a letter or message will be will be needed to clarify that/(those) arrangement(s).

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Alexei Totkinder will gladly take your suspicion and aid you (ig)noble quest to educate, inform and incinerate the public with lessons of the Correspondence.

Annabelle McAllister - Nemesis

Marlon JD - Bag a Legend

Suzi Bapsthwaite - Light Fingers

Delilah Moreo - Heart's Desire

Alexei Totkinder - Nemesis
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