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I recently played the story, and I really liked it. The mystery made me reread my Journal, think and write comment to understand what happened, what was the timeline of event and where was who at what time. I pat myself on the back, since I managed to figure out who the killer was and how they committed the murder before my character made their accusation. Overall, it was really good and well written. Now, I'm gonna have to use a spoiler box for the stuff I didn't like has much. [spoiler] The train breaking down and the exploration of that region (hell?) was cool, and so was the "timer" that forced you to plan your actions (I managed to sabotage the train and save everyone so more pat for me). However, it came out of nowhere and broke the flow of my investigation. Also, I'm not sure who sabotaged the train, as far as I know the only other person who had the opportunity was the killer, and she would have to had done so while I was with her in the crew carriage. However, that doesn't make sense, since she wanted to go to hell. So I don't know. The other bit I didn't like as much was that the identity of the killer was given to you. I was super scared and excited by the idea that I would have to choose the correct answer, and that's what pushed me to try to solve the murder before making any accusation. Now, while I did guessed that the killer was the Disgraced Dignitary (she was the only one had the opportunity to commit the murder, by exploiting the Saturnine Earl's disease), I was disappointed that my character figured out the answer without input on my part. I think it was a missed opportunity, and it kind of made my effort a bit pointless.I mean yes, in a real whodunit, the reader watches the character solve the murder, but the fact that I had to collect the clues, that I could choose who to interact with, it put the player in the feet of the detective, so when your character just tell you what the answers is, it's a bit jarring. Technically, the only enigma that had to be answered for the story to progress was the identity of the Lilly. Maybe it's just because I got too excited. Anyway, as I said earlier, the story is still really good and engaging, so don't let my nitpick dissuade you to give it a shot. [/spoiler]

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Right Eye
Right Eye
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Sorry to dig an old post, but I just played this story recently and missed the chance to either descend or subotage the train. The old echoes with storynexus do not work for me, so I would be grateful if someone can link me the echoes for those two options! smile
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