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I have gone NORTH and asked some pertinent questions about Salt.

I must say, however, that I am rather curious about what is due and what is forgotten. I anyone could be so kind as to illuminate me, I would very much appreciate it.

EDIT: a kind player has sent me the other endings.
edited by Theminimanx on 1/18/2020

My previous main, who has come to a terrible end: https://www.fallenlondon.com/Profile/Theminimanx
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The course was set when it all started, but the journey has ended!
8 calling cards, seven brave zailors and his white friend left to a place where time does not exist so all shall be well! Who is Salt, asked Clark Ross? Who is he?

Looking for the other endings and extra details on all of them. smile Thanks!
edited by Skinnyman on 1/24/2020

ESs items and quality requirements sheet. Please check if there are errors or if something is missing
Achievement list if you're feeling bored!
I am accepting Plant battles, Neath's Mysteries card, Starveling Cats and boxed cats.
No suppers, no second chances gain and no need to cure my menaces!
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