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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

Dump your Menaces on me. Messages in this topic - RSS

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  • Edit - Oh well not much interest, only one person. Ive used it now. Hopefully can offer this again in about a week. Take care.
  • I have the Shepherd card in hand with the necessary contracts and souls for the full menace wipe. Was wanting to save it til I had all 4 at 7 but have had nightmares at 7.5 for a while and its really ticking me off (filled my hand with red).
  • So going to use it an hour or so, so it doesn't go to waste please dump as much suspicion as you want on "Alfred Bloodwine" (bet you never would've guessed the name : D) Can take a bit of scandal as well (on 6), im only on 1 wound but don't think you can transfer those but if you can feel free to.
  • Ill change this post when I use it, until then have at it!! : )
  • Happy to pay it back to the forums for all your help.

  • edited by Alfred_Bloodwine on 5/15/2016

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    Ah, sorry I didn't see this post until much too late. :-)
    Although, if you'd like to trade my Scandal for your Nightmares sometime in the future (when both our Menaces creep up again), I'm sure we can work something out. ^_^

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    Currently: Returned to the Neath, and regaining my footing in this place. :-)
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