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As Hypersomnus will be busy for a while, I'll be taking up the task of keeping the list of Scarlet Saints updated!

malaugurie is currently busy IRL; I'll be keeping the list in their absence. - Sara Hysaro

Scarlet Saint is one of the entry options in the House of Chimes, and it currently requires 12 Austere, 12 Hedonist, Connected: Church and Connected: Hell 75.

Scarlet Saints:
arsenykz (Arseny Kuznetsov)
asnys (Mark)
Dungerson (*)
Elizabeth Lynnette (*)
Gonen (*)
LawrenceKeyworth (*)
Ludovico Santiago (*)
Madame Merle (*)
Maxwell Q Tenebris (Hypersomnus)
Nigel Overstreet (*)
NiteBrite (*)
Optimatum (*)
Passionario (*)
Rook Crofton (*)
Sara Hysaro (*)
Sarah Sahara (Saharan)
Scarlet Attford-Fenwick
Sir Joseph Marlen (*)
Zephyr15 (*)
Eva May Canning(*)
Oneiropompus (Cthonius)
Tranquilled (*)
Vivienne Thursday (Vivienne Redgrave)
hwoosh (*)
Whoof (*)
Ginneon Thursday (*)
Azoth I (Azothi)
Ysrthgrathe (*)
Scienceandponies (*)
idyl (*)
Jolanda Swan (*)
InLeo (*)

Pm Sara Hysaro and have the quality on your mantelpiece to be added!
If you wish to reach this title,
this thread might be useful.
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Thanks for adding!

Note that a lot of the links aren't working anymore because of the ~ problem...

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Nigel Overstreet
Nigel Overstreet
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The original Scarlet Saint, Ms Scarlet Attford-Fenwick's mantelpiece has changed just slightly to:
Scarlet Attford-Fenwick

The Romantic Egotist: Most Hedonistic Man in All of Fallen London
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Sara Hysaro
Sara Hysaro
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Thank you for pointing these out! I have fixed the ~ issue, and updated Scarlet's profile name.

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Are you a Scarlet Saint? Send a message my way to be added to the list.
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I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.
But this isn't even a club but only a register, right?
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