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Joshua Harper
Joshua Harper
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Hi, I recently got back into playing this wonderful game as a friend recommended it which was a nice surprise as I had forgotten the game name and spent months looking for it. It seems I was partway through trying to get First City Coins, I manage to pick up 50 so far but need a further 27 I think. My friend recommended I ask for help on here because they have a different ambition to me though they help if I need it. My profile is http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Valky. Thank you for any help and I hope you have a nice day
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Parelle wrote:
Grenem wrote:

This storylet can be accessed at any point during the ambition if you ever fall under 77 coins while in london. However, once you've done the next option that requires 77 coins, the rest of the ambition will not lock you out when you fall short, i believe.
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Ah ha! I always wondered if you were hanging around at the very beginning of things and not progressing with Heart's Desire. I'm not going to be in London proper for some time, but thanks for letting me see that. I like having no Amber (and no Rubbery connection) so this works out particularly well.

It's worth noting that the 5 amber -> 6 coins requires connected: rubbery men 5, unfortunately. It won't consume any, either! still, if you want a good sum of transferable funds, it's rather viable. The next best option after that- and this is not a good one- is criminals connections. 1 favor and 10 inklings of identity for 6 coins.

that's how i'm getting most of my coins, since an Ubergoat is low on the priorities list and otherwise i have enough echoes for just about everything. for instance, if i make newspapers with minimal efficiency (buying Scarabs and upcrafting: roughly 600 scarabs a whirring contraption and so roughly 150 echoes) I still have enough echoes to make 35 newspapers, even if i'm not spending echoes on anything else. Expeditions, even taking the least effective in EpA route, still returns a positive EpA. The echoes i get from playing the really good cards are enough to sustain me on their own!

The rest are comming from mr. wine's revels. sure, the EpC is roughly -2.5, but it's only roughly -2.5 echoes, which is really good for getting transferable funds.
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