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Me and James got in the mood a bit early...

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malthaussen wrote:
"Mister Sacks is Coming to Town"

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not flout
In the Shadows, here's why:

Mister Sacks is coming to Town.

Are you on his list?
Here's a little advice
He'll find out if you're naughty or nice:

Mister Sacks is coming to Town

He sees you when you're lurking
Or selling fancy clocks.
He knows if you've been smuggling for
The Widow at the Docks.

Oh, you better watch out
Or you're gonna cry
Sacksmas is about
How much lacre you buy.

Mister Sacks is coming to Town.
Mister Sacks is coming to Town.

-- Mal

Man, I'm going to absolutely sing this one when December comes. I've been know in my school for wistling Jingles Bells in May and now they'll remember me for this. It's incredible.
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