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Hello guys, I hadn't played Sunless Sea in a couple months, just today I noticed there was a new Pigmote island story so I started the game up. I enjoyed the new story and it's really nice to revisit the island (It really is the most adorable nation under the 'neath) but the old story line rewards are gone... :/. I sided with the cavies (I have guinea pigs, the choice was obvious for me) I and I loved those descriptions (a dinner with a guinea pig dancer floor show, lol) and the stress relief and supplies made Pigmote one of my favorite stops. I'd even say the stress relief has been essential to my success in my play throughs particularly in the early part of the game. While it's nice to get the blue scintillack, the new feast pales in comparison to the old one (5 terror reduction and 1 supplies vs 25 reduction and 5 supplies!). I can't even choose to refuel there anymore.

I was wondering if it's possible to revert to the previous version of the game for a little while longer, or failing that to restore the old rewards as options in town. Or failing that if it's possible to adjust the new feast's rewards to match the old feast's rewards. Also are the old descriptions saved anywhere? So far I've only checked on my most advanced character.
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Respectfully, the rewards were considered too powerful by Failbetter (and that decision is a whole other discussion, see below) and changed, along with updating the entire storyline so it was more fleshed out.

There is no way to revert to the old storyline rewards.

As to the merits/problems of this, a discussion on this Steam topic is quite ongoing, asked about by Failbetter's Hanchan themself. Feedback there is very highly suggested.
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