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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Dear Sir, Madam, rubbery Man etc...

A person just descended from the upper world is looking for partners in crime and virtue. That person being myself, please contact me in Fallen London: Markus1974.

Im happy about each and every activity and would love for people to spend free evenings with me etc...

Greets and horrido

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Andrew Astherson
Andrew Astherson
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Unless your idea was to lure people with a new topic, there is a thread for messages such as yours.

> Currently open for RP:
Andrew Astherson - heavy-tempered, rapacious but reliable menace of slavonic-tatar origin.
Clement "don't you call me Clem!" Mustela - merry and licentious to a stupid degree Irishman-detective
> My lads appearances ; Astherson's short backstory

> Seeking for RP partner(s), are you ? This thread might be the right place.
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