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Nemo Nekoi
Nemo Nekoi
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Tiny "quality of life" userscript which adds additional set of timers for both actions and cards. New timers show amount of time required for the candle/deck to become completely filled (rather than time for the next ap/card to become available). Script is aware of the fact that Exceptional Friends get 40 action points and 10 cards limit.

This script doesn't use any 3rd party libraries, doesn't send any requests (to the game server or other), in no way interferes with the game's workflow or interface, doesn't access any user data or can possibly cause any other kind of damage.


Requires Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or similar browser extension to execute user-provided javascript.
edited by Nekoi Nemo on 8/7/2015
edited by Nekoi Nemo on 8/7/2015

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this seems to work well, thank you very much. i'm surprised you don't have any comments

Sunless Skies needs engine and speed control mechanics. Have a look at my design proposal for implementing it

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