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Numerous times now, I've been rewarded for completing a story with a large amount of cargo, that would cause me to exceed my ship's cargo limit. Because of this, I have to throw most, if not all of my rewards into the Zee. I understand why this happens while you're at Zee, but why can't I sell these rewards at a shop while docked?

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Atom Stratomsk
Atom Stratomsk
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A very simple solution to this problem would be to tell you the cargo you're being given when you're being rewarded and allow you decline taking the cargo. Or perhaps you could pick and choose what you take as well.

You can subsequently at another time come back when your ship is holding less cargo and take the rest without worry.
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Best to sell off other stuff before completing that quest segment rewarding your cargo. if you're not checking your crew's hunger yet, you could even go to supplies zero to minimize it if somehow you couldn't remove or sell other cargo-related items in your hold. As long as it's not full hunger and close by, that would work.
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