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HELP! My Soul's gone! (Soul regaining help thread) Messages in this topic - RSS

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Okay, so some of you have lost your soul. Maybe it was taken by a sprifer. Maybe you sold it willingly. Maybe you just woke up one morning after being souless for a few years and went "You know, I want my soul back!"

Well, don't tell anyone, but I hear a few kind souls with watches would be more then happy to aid you in regaining it via packages.

If you lost your soul, or are willing to aid others in regaining theirs and have echoes to spare or happen to draw a certain card, post here.

PS: Don't tell the devils. We WILL find you.

I will accept all actions, though I hold the right to refuse for my own reasons. However, if you explain WHY you send me a harmful action like Loitering or Dantes,And I feel the reason good, I will consider it more. http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Kylestien

Persuasive patron. You want a lesson, send me a message asking for one.
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