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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Luka J. Novak
Luka J. Novak
Posts: 4

Hello delicious peers!
After QUITE an absence (several years? Time flies...) I've returned to Fallen London. But alas, none of my past contacts have, and I'm finding it hard to manage my menaces without their support!

So I'm looking for new faces to fill my contacts, and aid w/ my menaces, in exchange for the favor returned in the future! Currently suspicion is my biggest issue (where are all these coppers coming from!? Shoo!), but my dreams aren't exactly unsettled either...

If you're willing to help a poor child of the Neath abandoned by their friends (this may be unfair of me, they are all quite busy w/ worthwhile things!), please do let me know, and we may add each other to our contacts!

(OOC: I talk in-character a lot, so let me know if you prefer I don't? I'm not clear on the policy there, eheh!)

Any takers?

Luka J. Novak , a Lethal and Inescapable (or Lethally Inescapable!) Person seeking revenge and the protection of the outcast.
If you have a MENACING problem, feel free to contact, if you're willing to return the favor in the future!
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