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Liam Welton
Liam Welton
Posts: 54

We have just release a quick patch, here are the patch notes.

  • Add new area button fixed on Worlding page.
  • New field on area form - Move Message. This is the text that will appear at the end of a storylet in which a character moves to a new location. If this is left blank, no move message will be displayed.
  • New field on area form - Hide Name on Location Banner. Checking this box will hide the name on the location banner. This will become more useful once custom art uploads are introduced as you will be able to have image-only banners.


  • The Friends list has now been renamed the contact list to better reflect the potentially 'complicated' nature of your connection to other players.

Bug fixes

  • Change By values which are negative numbers are no longer considered Rich Effects.
  • Adding Rare of Success results no longer causes the Qualities Affected form to break.
  • When you retire a branch, it will no longer appear in the Linked Events list on associated events.
  • Rich quality effects are now duplicated correctly when cloning branches.

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