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“An archive of things that never happened”. An in-character forum for fanfiction and roleplaying. Beware - spoilers abound!

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Recent addition:

Huginn (Devious Raven Advisor)
Muninn (Mystic Raven Advisor)

Too good an opportunity to miss XD

Twitter: @streetfelineblu
Blue's LiveJournal
Blue's Echo Bazaar profile
Blue's Night Circus diary
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Nathan Attford
Nathan Attford
Posts: 40

Nathan's got quite a lot of pets and things in-game that I don't use for roleplay purposes - but the ones with names I usually figure are what he's actually got.


The Fabric of the Fallen


The Cockaigne (A Majestic Pleasure Yacht)

Constant Companion:
Scarlet Fenwick (An Artist's Model, the nearest I could come to an in-game representation of the lady in question)

Bar the Ruthless Henchman (named for another player in my RP group)
Tid & Bit & Saunder the Sulky Bats (the two I bought early on, and a third Nathan is looking after for a friend)
Loathsome Beast the Cardsharp Monkey (self explanatory, I think)
Entoloma the Rubbery Hound (for the mushroom, entoloma hochstetteri, which comes in a particularly lovely shade of blue)
Charles the Subtle Mole (Charles is a lady mole. Whoops!)
Cloud the Dreamy Raven Advisor (He'll get to Philosophical properly one of these days, but I'm RPing the transformation)
Bridgewater the Haunted-Looking Dog (named for the 8th Earl of Bridgewater, by Mr. Overstreet)

It seems very odd that I can have ampersands but protonsinthedark can't have an apostrophe.

edited by Nathan Attford on 2/13/2013

@nathan_attford - my roleplay twitter account.
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Posts: 278

Nathan Attford wrote:

It seems very odd that I can have ampersands but protonsinthedark can't have an apostrophe.

Can be used in arbitrary code execution(hacking). FB's databases and anyone that visits your profile.

... and they left out parenthesis... smile

sonantem aeternum ad terram

Through the darker shadows.
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Scarlet Fenwick
Scarlet Fenwick
Posts: 56

Scarlet O. Fenwick


The Fabric of the Fallen

Nathan Attford (Face Spy - the closest I could get. I would much rather have the Struggling Artist)

Zhemchug (Russian for "Pearl" - Clipper)

The London Mirror

Pets - ones that are played IC. Scarlet doesn't appreciate "pets" or animals much at all. So most of these names came from other people.
Ari'el (Stallion)
Pear (Bengal Tigress that is actually played by a Calico Cat who has the attitude of a Tigress)
Loathsome Beast (Cardsharp Monkey that we treat as being the same monkey for everyone)
Stephan Papadakis (Devious Henchman)
Treacle (Pedigreed Racing Slug)
Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre (four clay men)
[yet to be named] (Gang of hoodlums)
[yet to be named] (Bitter Saker Falcon)
[yet to be named] (Dazed Raven Advisor)
[yet to be named] (Bifurcated Owl)
edited by OScarletO on 2/13/2013

Scarlet O. Fenwick, The Crimson Coquette and Scarlet Saint of London

http://crimsoncoquette.wordpress.com----The Gallery of the Bazaarine
http://folkfusionista.wordpress.com----The Crimson Ring

http://fallen-london.livejournal.com----LJ Community for RPers (Scenes, Logs of Twitter and AIM scenes, etc)
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The Incorrigible Raconteur
The Incorrigible Raconteur
Posts: 84

The Incorrigible Raconteur

The Dilmun Annexe

Evelyn Wentforth (Master Jewel Thief)

The Honey-Dream (Majestic Pleasure Yacht)

The Fifth City Sentinel - Almost certainly not a front for the Great Game since 1888!

A Profoundly Educated Gentleman
An Irresistible Lady
Lettice, the Mercy
Sir Clarkford Brindling (Neurasthenic Assassin)
Grantaire (Hollow-Eyed Tragedian)
Rosie Braeburn (Canny Costermonger)
Halphas (Quiet Deviless)
Malphas (Green-Eyed Devil)
Nell McQueen (Affable Spy)
Carlucci (Presbyterate Diplomat)

Molly (Watchful Doll)
Sausage (Rose-Bearing Maggot)
Ziggy (Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider)
Battersea (Pink-Painted Cat)
Morphas (Dreamy Raven Advisor)
Ascalon (Bitter Saker Falcon)
Busby (Unfinished Hat)
Adrienne (Subtle Mole)
Ibid (Bifurcated Owl)
Laudas (Slavering Dream-Hound)
Lionel (Corresponding Ocelot)
Argus (Ocular Toadbeast)
Clouseau (Haunted-Looking Dog)
Viyagraya (Bengal Tigress)
Euphemia (Albino Rat)
Jeramicah (Talkative Rattus Faber)
Ambrosius (Araby Fighting-Weasel)
Michael (Cheerful Goldfish)
Victoria (Cardsharp Monkey)
Giles (Malevolent Monkey)
Fledershanks (Sulky Bat)
Thaddeum (Reprehensible Lizard)
Felix (Lucky Weasel)
Twinblade (Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief)
Sawtooth (Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief)
'Auntie' Clara (Alluring Accomplice)
'Stabs' McHugh (Ruthless Henchman)
'Sneaky' Clive (Devious Henchman)
Little Ned (Winsome Dispossessed Orphan)
Roger (Grubby Urchin)
'Enery (Working Rat)
Rachnia (Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider)
Sprout (Deshrieked Mandrake)
Melchett (Dazed Raven Advisor)
Gordon (Unscrupulous Raven Advisor)
Niccolo (Devious Raven Advisor)

....I went name-crazy, I think.

Twitter: @KoreanSuperfrog
The Incorrigible Raconteur: Seeker of the Garden, bon vivant and Player of the Game. Older than he looks, and younger than he claims.
Available for anything and everything your Neathy hearts require! Even that. Especially that.
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Posts: 1459

streetfelineblue wrote:
Wesley Miller (Blue)

Pragmatic Poets Society

Plutonia (Fast Zee-Clipper, also nicknamed "the Tardis", from the motto engraved on the stern: Tardis pedibus, celer navis - "For slow feet, a quick ship")

Balthazar (Obdurate Stallion)

Azeem (Araby Fighting-Weasel)
Bruce (SUlky Bat)
Cornelius (Disgraced Rattus Faber chief)
Deiphobus (Deshrieked Mandrake)
Enzo (Hungover Terrier)
Friederike (Reprehensible Lizard)
Gilligan (Salt Weasel)
Mr. Hopkins (Devious Henchman)
Ignatius (Talkative Rattus Faber)
Jerome Davenport (Grubby Urchin)
Kreech (Formerly Dazed Raven Advisor, currently Mystic Raven Advisor)
Ligeia (Albino Rat)
Melchizedek (Bifurcated Owl)
Naaman (Hound of Heaven)
Obadiah (Ocular Toadbeast)
Percy (Corresponding Ocelot)
Quagmire (Slavering Dream-Hound)
Rufus (Tomb-Lion)
- Ssossoffoorossth - (Rubbery Hound)
Thanatos (Plated Seal)
Üpnos (Somnolent Hyaena)
Vismay (Dark-Carapaced Crustacean)
Wayne (Bat with Attitude)
Caesar (Cardsharp Monkey)

(Yeah, he named them alphabetically, like the orphans in Oliver Twist XD - except for the Cardsharp Monkey, that is more a NPC than a Pet in his opinion).
edited by streetfelineblue on 1/31/2013

Update: I finally fininshed the alphabet!

Waseem - Presbyterate Diplomat (Yeah, I had already a W. But not knowing exactly the Presbyterate's culture, I gave him an Indian name that could also sound somewhat African of Native American, jsut to be sure).
Madame X - Affable Spy
Yvonne - Canny Costermonger
Zed Macahan - Neurastenic Assassin (Yeah, it was Zeb in the TV series. But in this case the name came before the surname to my mind XD)

Twitter: @streetfelineblu
Blue's LiveJournal
Blue's Echo Bazaar profile
Blue's Night Circus diary
Link to Ocelot's Enigma Ambition hint page; PM for clarification. No direct solutions provided.
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Posts: 117


Diaktoros (Dreamy Raven Advisor)
Himinglæva (Cheerful Goldfish)
Norðri, Suðri, Austri, and Vestri (Sulky Bats)
Hylde (Haunted-looking Dog)
Tæppe (Slavering Dream-hound)
Nabu (Corresponding Ocelot)
Askalaphos (Bifurcated Owl)
Wadjet (Hound of Heaven)
Keket (Grubby Kitten)
Bezalel (Unfinished Hat)

Journal: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/echo_theodor
Annotations & Epistles: http://theodor-gylden.dreamwidth.org/
Storylet: http://theodor-gylden.dreamwidth.org/11160.html
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Posts: 65

Melimela (Majestic Pleasure Yacht)

The Sunday Septentrional

Crocetta (A Daughter in the Shadows)
The Minyades or Alcithoe, Leucippe & Arsippe (Sulky Bats)
Minyas (Bat with Attitude)
Scylla, Charybdis & Calypso (Reprehensible Lizards)
Reginald (Talkative Rattus Faber)
Rozellida (Albino Rat)
Bicchieri (Hungover Terrier)
Aristippus (Philosophical Raven Advisor)
Ludovico II (Unfinished Hat)
Octavia (Rubbery Euphonium)

a Shiny Pleasant Person who's not often covered in blood
and the Second-Most Hedonistic Individual in London.
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Posts: 1283

This could be fun!
Clique: Oddities With Tentacles

Family members:
Aximillio, an irresistible, magnificent, inescapable and sagacious gentleman
Boneless Concort
Zubmarine (Curiosly enough the image is 'submarine' and not 'zubmarine' as one would expect...)

Clip, Dreamer of Shadows -------------------------------------- Gleam, the Moment of Revelation that is Experienced Every Monday Morning After You Wake Up
Ophelia, DJ of the Singing Mandrake ------------------------- Janice, the Revolutionary Spy of Justice and Eye Salads
Echo, the Reprehensible Gecko -------------------------------- Albert, the Source of Burnt Playing Cards
Mr Bubbles, the Sovereign Shoplifter of DOOM (A happy addition to your household)
Robbie, a Participant in Your Average British Reality Cabaret
[Unnamed as of yet, though I'm considering calling her Sophie.]
Pi, the Random Number Generator---------------------------- Silas, Exposer of Identities
Bloopeye, Watcher of the Thunder------------------------------ Ozelle (22), Sunday Reporter in the Magazine Previously Known as the London Magazine
Splort, Eater-of-Dreams------------------------------------------- Bunnifit, the Hatter of Unpredictability
Splash, Fruit of the Zee-------------------------------------------- Felix, Silent Knight of the Mathematics Tables
Munin, Retriever of Rumours------------------------------------ Hugin, Retriever of Gossip

My profile.
Please do not send affluent investigators!
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Posts: 387

(A * means that it has not been named yet, for varying reasons)

In Search of Yesteryear

The Supple Fruit of Dawn* (Majestic Pleasure Yacht)

Liberal Arts but Better (A Salon)
The* (Newspaper)

Poe (Dazed Raven Advisor)
Krispin (Deshrieked Mandrake)
Scamper (Lucky Weasel)
Phil (Reprehensible Lizard)
Francis (Sulky Bat)
Duke (Cardsharp Monkey)
Pants (A Cheerful Goldfish)
A Bat with Attitude that wishes to remain unnamed
Skub (Araby Fighting Weasel)
Regina (Bengal Tigress)
Snuff (Salt Weasel)
Morpheus (Somnolent Hyena)
Perseus (Corresponding Ocelot)
Hoot (Bifurcated Owl)
Slimp (Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree)
Munchies (Unfinished Hat)
Muninn (Dreamy Raven Advisor)
MuninnMK2 (Philosophical Raven Advisor)
MuninnMK3 (Mystic Raven Advisor))
Huginn (Wary Raven Advisor)
HuginnMK2 (Unscrupulous Raven Advisor)
HuginnMK3 (Devious Raven Advisor)
Shatter (Complaisant Frost-Moth)

Jacobs (Grubby Urchin)
Jennings (Winsome Dispossessed Orphan)
Johnson (Devious Henchman)
Jefferson (Ruthless Henchman)
Jezebel (Alluring Accomplice)
Jameson (Ravenous Henchman)
Jennifer (Secular Missionary)
Clarissa (Watchful Doll)
Claire (Affable Spy)
Clyde (Presbyterate Diplomat)
Clarence (Neurasthenic Assassin)
Cynthia (Canny Costermonger)
McArthur (Working Rat)
Martin (Talkative Rattus Faber)
Marlene (Albino Rat)
Mark (Rattus Faber Bandit Chief)
McKinley (Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief)
Oh God the Fan Mail (Appreciation Society)-Since disbanded

Edited for Posterity
edited by OPG on 12/18/2013

overpoweredginger, an irresistible, magnificent, midnight and sagacious gentleman.

A Fallen London Roleplay Community exists. Contrary to popular belief, Richard Nixon is not involved.
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Miss Perative
Miss Perative
Posts: 46

I have always loved this thread and meant to name all my name-able items at some point. It's finally done, outside of items that require Fate for naming.

Saint (Working Rat)
Hervet (Devious Henchman)
Sergeant McMissory (Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief)
Vinvunius (Lucky Weasel)
Gaffney (Reprehensible Lizard)
Jen Pringle (Sulky Bat)
Mr Halberstam (Cardsharp Monkey)
Bibi (Cheerful Goldfish)
Josie Pye (Bat with Attitude)
Charles (Araby Fighting-Weasel)
Sara (Talkative Rattus Faber)
Festus (Albino Rat)
Cordelia (Salt Weasel)
naaninuu (Somnolent Hyaena)
-Trubboffthoffthuff - (Rubbery Hound)
Arcturus (Plated Seal)
Montreux (Tomb Lion)
Mr Squigglesworth (Hound of Heaven)
Sonia (Ocular Toadbeast)
Haverford (Corresponding Ocelot)
Pickles (Slavering Dream-Hound)
Rudolf (Bifurcated Owl)
Venable`s View (Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree)
Montbrasse et Cie, 1ere, 2eme, 3eme (Scuttering Squads)
Capo (Unfinished Hat)
Sherlock (Dark-Carapaced Crustacean)
Sophronia (Dreamy Raven Advisor)
Sabine (Philosophical Raven Advisor)
Simona (Mystic Raven Advisor)
Choale (Wary Raven Advisor)
Temoin (Unscrupulous Raven Advisor)
Iago (Devious Raven Advisor)
Elle S`Appelle (Pink-Painted Cat)
Clothilde (Quiet Deviless)
Phaedra and Alais (Affable Spies)
Lettice, the Mercy (who would dare put another name atop her given one?)
Von Destry (Presbyterate Diplomat)
Paulus and Matthieu (Neurasthenic Assassins)
Jocasta (Canny Costermonger)
Crawford (Gilded Crustacean)
Pella (Complaisant Frost-Moth)
John Willis and The Turk (Ravenous Henchmen)
Jones (Ubergoat)
Adlai (Pentecost Ape)
Miss Isadora Payne-Purchase (A Ghostly Presence)
Chime (The Pirate Poet)
Amara (Parabolan Kitten)
Kǔ (Bitter Saker Falcon)
The Muculent Standard-Gazette (Newspaper)

Apostrophes aren't accepted in the interface so Venable`s View and Elle S`Appelle use the left-slanted single quote. (ETA that the kerning on that left-slanted quote is not nearly so bad outside of the forum software.) I had plans for more Affable Spy Girls but this year we weren't able to get additional ones; more's the pity.

edited to add Parabolan Kitten, Somnolent Hyaena, Bitter Saker Falcon.
edited by Miss Perative on 7/7/2014
edited by Miss Perative on 7/18/2014

I've removed my profile link for the time being as I don't play often enough these days to engage in social actions.
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Posts: 3882

Reginald Hubris


The Hubris House for Young Troublemakers (Orphanage)
The Steamed Punks (Gang of Hoodlums)
The Fallen Londoner Standard (Newspaper)

Albion (Swift Zee-Clipper)

Grimesby (Bifurcated Owl)
Dishonoria (Quiet Deviless)
Hawk (Affable Spy)
Evadne (Secular Missionary)
Macheath (Devious Raven Advisor)
Devil (Disappointing Marsh-Wolf)
Anne (A Daughter in the Shadows)
Woodlouse (Dark-Carapaced Crustacean)
Francis (Half-Wild Mandrake)
Wensleydale (Talkative Rattus Faber)
The Steamed Auxiliary (Scuttering Squad)
Mortimer (Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief)
Mr Weasel (Salt Weasel)

Diptych, the Emancipationist Esotericist. Lord Hubris, the Bloody Baron.
Juniper Brown, the Ill-Fated Orphan. Esther Ellis-Hall, the Fashionable Fabian.
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Posts: 38

Newspaper: Rex Piscatorum

Dog-Latin for The Fisher-King. Named after London's original highwire muckrakers. The Fisher-King mythology also figures into Breckner's personal motto* and possibly his minor obsession with herons.

Swift Zee-Clipper: The Novem

The acquisition of the clipper demonstrates the fact that possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Gang of Hoodlums: The Faculty

My Henchman was called Dean, aka The Dean of Applied Criminology.** When custody of a Loathsome Imp came my way, however, his faithful services were no longer required. Around the same time I became head of a gang of hoodlums; from a roleplaying perspective, Breckner released his faithful valet to take over full-time leadership of the gang while he is off on non-criminal adventures. He is the Dean; therefore they are The Faculty.

*temet sarci ut sarcio rex piscatorum
** Largely because of his resemblance to Dean Pelton from Community.
edited by Breckner on 9/9/2014

temet sarci ut sarcio rex piscatorum
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Ami Miljkovich
Ami Miljkovich
Posts: 100

Soran (My main)
  • Happy Bat's Home For Dispossessed Youths (Orphanage)*
  • The Squeakers (Gang of Hoodlums)*
  • The Twilight Courier (Newspaper)
  • Vespertilio (Swift Zee-Clipper)*
  • The Blackwing Club (Appreciation Society)
  • Umbra (Devious Raven Advisor)
  • Latet (Mystic Raven Advisor)
  • Brightly (Preening Macaw)
  • Sweety (Somnolent Hyaena)
  • Snoot (Salt Weasel)
  • Opal (Albino Rat)
  • Haver (Talkative Rattus Faber)
  • Wiggles (Araby Fighting Weasel)
  • Bloop and Sunny (x2 Cheerful Goldfish)
  • Flippy (Cardsharp Monkey)
  • Cecil (Sulky Bat) <3
  • Whiptail (Reprehensible Lizard)
  • Flinky (Lucky Weasel)
  • Trazo (Rattus Faber Bandit Chief)
  • Cluny (Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief)
  • Greshkin (Working Rat)
  • Nibbly (Fairly Tame Sorrow Spider)
  • Zotz (Bat with Attitude) <3
  • Valencia (Pink-Painted Cat)
  • Lina (Watchful Doll)
  • Beelzegrub (Rose-Bearing Maggot)
  • Remy (Neurasthenic Assassin)
  • Arena (The Pirate Poet)
  • Zeph (A Ghostly Presence)
  • Rotty (Tomb-Lion)
  • Hircientia (Overgoat)
  • Sorina (Noman #1) *Deceased*
Other (not-entirely-nameable) things:
  • Sir Cavylocke (Pre-emptive Guinea-Pig)
  • Sparkfingers (Avid Glove)
  • The Raggedy Friends (Mildly Co-operative Clothes Colony)

Zero Hunt (My alt)
  • Ferruginous Drake (Rusty Tramp Streamer)*
  • Izzy (Disappointing Marsh Wolf)
  • Chitter (Fairly Tame Sorrow Spider)
  • Firth (Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief) *Deceased*
  • Poppy (Lucky Weasel)
  • Mister Gus (Reprehensible Lizard)
  • x7 unnamed Sulky Bats
  • Zip (A Cheerful Goldfish)
  • Ferahgo (Araby Fighting Weasel)
  • Chat (Talkative Rattus Faber)
  • Copper (Haunted-Looking Dog)
  • Asha (Parabolan Kitten)
  • Slivv (Working Rat)
  • Skurr (Unscrupulous Raven Advisor)
  • Bela (Albino Rat)
  • Filch (Ruthless Henchman)
  • The Tods (Feckless Supporters) *Disbanded*
  • Shakti (Bengal Tigress)
  • Chuckles (Pink-Painted Cat)
  • Aberash (Presbyterate Diplomat)
  • Carrow (Pentecost Ape)
  • Amon (A Ghostly Presence)
Other (not-entirely-nameable) things:
  • Dapper (Exceptional Hat)
  • Snarl (Insatiable Glove)

Kasha Cairn (My 2nd alt)
  • The Help (Gang of Hoodlums)*
  • Scrap (Rusty Tramp Steamer)*

  • Marly (Subtle Mole) *Gone*
  • Cain (Devious Raven Advisor)
  • Jenner (Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief)
  • Gadać (Talkative Rattus Faber)
  • Emerald (Reprehensible Lizard)
  • x1748 unnamed Lucky Weasels
  • x89 unnamed Araby Fighting Weasels
  • Mangiz (Philosophical Raven Advisor)
  • Oculus (Dreamy Raven Advisor)
  • Armati (Bandaged Raven)
  • Ashur (Loathsome Imp)
  • x2 unnamed Dazed Raven Advisor
  • Sithi (Wary Raven Advisor)
  • Ratch (Working Rat)
  • Carla (Canny Costermonger)
  • Winter (Affable Spy)
  • Piggy (Pink-Painted Cat)
  • Mr Squeaks (Bat with Attitude)
  • Zara (Cat's Chiefest Claw)

As you can see, a fair mix of original names, foreign words/slang, silly nonsense names, and references to other works (and of those last, pretty much all are named after characters from cartoons or Redwall, because I am basically just a child in an adult body). Also, bats themes. I like bats.

(*Not officially recorded by the Intense Notary)
edited by Soran on 12/21/2014
edited by Soran on 1/14/2015
edited by Soran on 1/21/2015
edited by Soran on 5/30/2015

The Secret-Hungry Bat ~ "I have my bats and my works, and endless secrets and pleasures at my disposal; what need have I of a soul?"
The Dangerously-Charming Fox ~ "Let's go stab each other and then get drunk together! That's what friends do around here, right?"
The Ever-Scheming Magpie ~ "All I'm after is a fresh start... And maybe a little profit on the side..."
The Blood-Thirsty Moth ~ "This floor isn't red enough. I need to fix that. Come closer."
Meet the families.
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Vincent Asmund
Vincent Asmund
Posts: 318

Technically, my ship has no name as I don't have the fate for that, plus it's only temporary till I get the yacht...

Vincent Åsmund

Utholdenhet (Rusty Tramp Steamer)

Jasper (Haunted-Looking Dog)
Noire (Grubby Kitten)
Aristotle (Dreamy Raven Advisor)
The Åsmund Society (Appreciation Society)
Octavius (Parabolan Kitten)
Albert (A Submerged Rector)
Copernicus (Disgraced Rattus Fabber Bandit-Chief)
The Ratty Battalion (Scuttering Squad)
Odiosus (Talkative Rattus Faber)
(Cheerful Goldfish)


Vincent Åsmund
, an Author searching to return to his former glory.

Konstantin Sorokin, a newcomer to the Neath with revolutionary tendencies.
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