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Hi Alexis, Nigel, Chris, Emily, etc.:

I was really fascinated to see the player survey on FL yesterday. Is there any chance you'll be willing to share some of the results with those of us creating SN games? I think it would provide some great insights into the audiences that we're serving and what motivates them.

Sorry if this was answered elsewhere! I've been a little absent from the forums. :-)


- Caity

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Alexis Kennedy
Alexis Kennedy
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Yes indeed! I was on my way here to share the results when I saw your post, in fact. The results are still coming in, but the proportions have changed very little between hour 1 and hour 24. About 3.5K people have responded so far.

Do you consider yourself more a reader, more a gamer, or do you feel strongly that you're both equally? or neither?

Reader 26%
Gamer 12%
Both 61%

Neither / It's complicated: less than 1%

This was by far the biggest surprise for us. We expected a lot of people to be book-lovers, but we didn't expect that - after three years of promoting FL as a game, almost exclusively to the gaming press/blogs - twice as many players would consider themselves readers-not-gamers as gamers-not-readers.

What do you like most about FL / StoryNexus?

Doing fun, escapist things 12%
Finding out how stories / mysteries come out 49%
Exploring another place 30%
An experience that works well in small chunks 7%
Other / It's complicated 1%

I was slightly taken aback to see how much more popular 'mysteries' was than exploring and escapism, but we always expected that one to come first. The heavy bias towards players-as-readers fits there, of course.

What do you like about interactive stories?

The experience of making choices / learning about myself 35%
Seeing how my actions change the story's outcomes 42%
Treating the story as a puzzle / challenge 20%
I don't like interactive stories 1%
It's complicated 2%

No great surprises here. If you've read almost any of my blog posts, you'll know I'm as interested in the 'choice' as the 'consequence' element of interactive stories, so I was quietly pleased to see a lot of people share that few - but consequence was always going to be the biggest. We got a lot of emails (thanks, folks!) elaborating on the 'it's complicated'. Lots of that emailing 2% like the roleplaying angle, lots say 'all of the above!' I do wonder what the 1% who don't like interactive stories are doing here - playing the world's worst-designed fruit machine? (If you're in the 1%, do answer below).

Thanks, everyone. I know we gave away a little Fate, but only six people out of 3500 have opted out - everyone else answered - which was an incredible response rate. This has been really useful to us.
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Alexis Kennedy wrote:
I do wonder what the 1% who don't like interactive stories are doing here - playing the world's worst-designed fruit machine? (If you're in the 1%, do answer below).

Oh hey, I'm pretty sure I'm in that 1%.

I'm just in it because now I want to know what happens. If this were a real book, this is the point where I'd have flipped to the last page or read the the wikipedia plot summary and then moved on, because I'm no longer actually enjoying the process. But it's not a book so there's no last page to flip to so I'm still here.


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...video offers?

(Also, belated, but FWIW I consider myself a reader, not a gamer, and came to FL before the Night Circus. Also didn't like the Night Circus nearly as much as FL.)

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The Lord Breakfast
The Lord Breakfast
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☆Snow☆ wrote:
I saw the survey announcement on phone but it just disappeared and I was back in Polythreme! Dang, I really wanted to take it, I love such things especially connected to games I play every day, and pay for.

  • You're a bit late. The survey this thread is referring to is from 2012 :P

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