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Vivienne Thursday
Vivienne Thursday
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Vivienne Thursday, née Redgrave

[[An update since her salad days of London, detailed in this post]]

As some understated person once claimed, there is, in fact, never a dull day in the Neath. And let that be considered a mercy to us all! With so many new delicious people to fascinate, soirees through which to sashay and salons to enchant, once established in London, Vivienne Redgrave swiftly found her rightful place amid her subterranean Bohemian circle and the haute ton just as easily as she had in her Surface days. Finding admirers of her artwork, and not merely her own effusive presence, continued for a time to be something of a challenge, but she has found great success in recent years as the Author of a trilogy of mycological romances. Some might say she's merely reworking select portions of the more debauched (and delicious) litanies of London's scandals into those flourishing, fungal-fueled fantasies, but yet when each new volume is released, the fingers that begin to point as to who exactly did what to whom and with whose spouses, servants or spores, the direction most often pointed is at oneself. (To claim to such infamy will get one... well, at least as far as Veilgarden.)

Suitably settled, Vivi has found her adopted home of London delightful on the whole, and though she followed her capricious Heart's Desire here, as she had always done, the true gift was revealed to be not wine, fame, jewelry, or an ever-growing Appreciation Society (all still fine and very necessary things), but rather a handsome professor and scholar by the name of Ginneon Thursday. Theirs is a love story that will be told through the ages, and while each of them is commendable on their own, together, they are exceptional. Once the Masters' marriage tax was lifted to great acclaim, they were reportedly the first to wed within the Bazaar herself, and their celebrated and treasured union remains a fine reminder that in the deepest matters of the Bazaar, one should look always to love.

Still... happy endings are difficult things to achieve, particularly hidden away in the dark. Though together the Thursdays have gained enduring love, riches, success and so much more down in the Neath's chiropteran depths, as most Londoners know all too well, such boons come at a steep price. When Vivienne sleeps, in the moments in-between all the galas and laughter and smiles and the balls and all the joyous revelry—her dreams, both false and true, and worse still, the yearning, desperate visions borne from July—are always the same. The dreams that refuse to quiet in the still of the ever-present, endless night are of a glorious dawn rising over Paris... always Paris, and the well-missed Sun.


Do you find yourself intrigued, or perhaps even a bit fascinated? Might you wish to know more about the Thursdays and their charming and often champagne-fueled adventures? Of course you do! To learn more, all you need do, delicious friend, is click here: Vivienne's ProfileGinneon's ProfileTheir Wedding Announcement • and A Forum Game: 'Win' a Night on the Town for the Feast!
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Vivienne Thursday:
Artist • Author • F̶l̶i̶r̶t̶ Wife
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Copperhead Jake
Copperhead Jake
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Copperhead Jake:Not a native of London,born somewhere in the American West. Much to his consternation his sharp mind and ruthless facade gained him a reputation among the Pinkerton Agency. However, after refusing to fire on striking coal miners and helping to expose his employers he fled the country on the moral ground of self preservation and decided to hide in the one place no one would dare follow, The Neath.

After landing in London Cumaean Canal, Jake found out quickly just how big of a hold he dug himself into... figuratively speaking. He was in a strange land his concrete mind couldn't imagine, with no contacts and an accent that stuck out like a sore thumb he knew his options were limited. Not one to mope about, he began to cut his teeth as a private eye, despite his reluctance to return to his previous profession, he decided that maybe a fresh start was what his life needed most, a second chance he would not relinquish. He also began to turn his investigative talent towards the nature of Fallen London itself, partly out of scientific curiosity and partly to learn what knowledge to avoid seeking out.

After spending some time in the Neath on his lonesome, he came to the conclusion that perhaps solitude was not the most healthy way to spend an eternity, rather than ending up a honey fiend or a permanent resident at the Royal Bethlehem, he began seeking out the company of others. A man who was once a lone cowboy in a strange world has carved out his own niche. Maybe this time the cards will be in his favor.

Despite his lack of lofty ambitions, he often finds himself getting into trouble that are way over his head.

Copperhead Jake
American tough-guy detective, closeted intellectual.

"Yes I'm hunting that d****d Vake now ask your questions or leave me alone".
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Someone from The Rattanakosin Kingdom. Someone who should never be able to go above London's middle class, but mingles with the top. Someone that can influence a master.

He was born on the ninth of August, 1869 to wealthy parents that were an offshoot of the royal family. He grew up a intellegent and suave boy and graduated from college with flying colours. After an unexplained incident with a candle, a purple diamond, and a window, Strawbreevee hurridly got on a ship to England carrying a few clothes and the diamond, hidden, in a book. He travelled up the long, winding, dirt path to London in search of a purpose. He plunged down into the Neath, leaving everything he knew behind.

He landed inside the Echo Bazaar, then was promptly found and arrested. He escaped to the Wolfstack Docks where a kind Revolutionary Trouble-maker taught him the ways and the rules of the Neath. Armed with the knowledge he needed to survive, and the purple diamond stashed down his breast pocket, he went out into the depths of The Neath. Mr Stones covets the rare diamond, and it's the one of the few reasons that he still (begrudgingly) stays in London. On the 25th of April, 1896, he married Northe Lights.
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Strawbreevee - The Princely Correspondent. Best-selling author, royalty, and in possession of a rather bonny gem. Main Account. All non-dupes accepted! Orphanage invites especially accepted.
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Northe Lights - The Northbound Bride... Jaw-droppingly beautiful, charming, and speaker of things that should not be. Seeker Account [Hiatus]

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I'm down here because the sunlight from Above would just be horrendous for my fur.

And my sapience. Priorities.

I... did have a goal. It's kinda hard to... remember it now. The one thing I do know for sure: My machinations were halted by forces beyond comprehension.

This force... when I say "beyond comprehension," I don't mean entities like the Masters or The Elder Continent or even the Judgements. Those are mere silly amateurs compared to... them.

... Oh. Who am I? Here: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9363-your-characters-appearances.aspx?messageid=197488&Page=9#post#post197488
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Will sometimes return to post absurdity.
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My search stagnates. Opportunity is slow to knock. I reply only to wile away the hours while I wait.

The Neath held no interest until I'd heard of the Search. The Name. They told me not to seek it. Told me what it would entail. Begged me not to fall to temptation. Begged me not to throw everything away.

Had they never begged, I may never have cared.

But they did.

Their warnings had the opposite of the intended effect; they piqued my curiosity worse then any temptations of man or devil.

Before I came to the Neath, I had nothing. Even as I live and gather trinkets, and hone skills, and make acquaintances, friends, companions, they are nothing. All is nothing. Nothing but means to an end. Means to the search.

Before I came to the Neath, I knew this quest would involve a curse of hunger. I knew most people would discover this by accident; I sought it out directly, took pains to inflict it upon myself as quickly as possible so I could begin my search at once. It cost me a night of sleep. It made me do things part of me wishes I could undo. It will cost me more nights and force me to do more, I expect.

A voice in my mind tells me to turn back. It is not my voice. Every time I hear the voice call me a fool, tell me I will know only suffering, tell me I will lose everything and have nothing to show for it

I smile.

I laugh.

And I tell the voice

"That's exactly why I can never stop."

The Neath is a place where madness is the new black. Down here, if you are sane, you must be new to London. In time, all marbles are lost. Some are never found again.

I was mad before the Neath.

I came here because the Neath is the only place where one can truly suffer, as I wish to suffer. And only by fully committing myself to the search. The search they warn you about. The search that takes away everything. The search for Mr. Eaten's Name.

The Marsh-Mire Dreams are fading at last. I take my leave and search once more.

I don't advise you to follow me. Not unless you are mad as well.

[spoiler](This is an RP account for The Asinine Flatfoot, an insane detective bent on self-destruction in pursuit of something terrible. If you hear me say something that sounds dreary, depressed, or suicidal, please do not worry about me; it's all part of the character. I am in good health.)[/spoiler]
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