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Avian Overlord
Avian Overlord
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Felt that since SS has finally came out, we need a thread for really good death stories. I'll go first:

My captain and crew were exploring around Irem, and decided to travel over the eastern edge (thought it would be easier to get home from the Kingeater's Castle). When the crew arrived we had no fuel, and only the dying visions of our old engineer gave us any chance. She at least died happy. Unlike every last one of her shipmates. We ran out of food and fuel before leaving the Sea of Statues. My captain opened his body for stone, and salt was not listening. The only recourse we had was to appeal to Storm. We drew straws. And drew straws. And drew straws. By the time the roof sent down coal Captain Robert Smith was the only one left on the ship. He limped past the madmen of Visage and crawled to the Fathomking, trough mist and silence. The Fathomking gave him only fuel for his belly not his ship. He burned it, but only got within sight of the Cumeanan Canal. He had only reached that far from the satisfaction of slaying Zee bats. Here he waited for the madness to finally take him. He joined his crew and all those who had drowned in the Neath. Perhaps he thought of his lover, waiting for him in London. Perhaps he thought of his father, lost the same as him. Perhaps he thought of his God, once served. Whatever it was, the last entry in his journal was "The thought of home comes at the strangest times"

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