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I have made a Fallen London Tabletop Roleplaying Game, with the help of my partner (who makes an excellent editor and graphics designer).

This game is based of the Fate System, and it also borrows some from the Dresden Files RPG. Both games are published by Evil Hat Productions http://www.evilhat.com/home/

I've adhered to Failbetter Games and Evil Hat Productions rules on fan-works.

The rulebook contains all information needed to play the game.

It also contains brief descriptions of the current state of the Fifth City, the factions in the Neath, and some major players in game. These descriptions do not include anything from fate locked content, and they do not address some of the deeper mysteries of the Neath. The descriptions are intended only to introduce new players to the setting without spoiling anything important. That being said, it would probably be best if the Gamemaster is already fairly familiar with the setting.

This RPG hasn't had a lot of playtesting, so feel free to set up house rules.

Let me know if anything in the rulebook is unclear or could be improved. I will try to upload revised versions.

Here is a link to a zip file containing the rulebook, some character sheets, some city creation sheets (some of which have been filled out as examples). Note, some of the worksheets are taken directly from the Dresden Files RPG, so they bear that RPG's logo, and they sometimes reference page numbers from that rulebook.

Have fun!
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Oh god I am just planning the same thing! (yet I haven't actually started because I am still playing the Carrion Crown Adventure Path after two years) Anyway, FATE system is awesome! I am inspired. Thank you.
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@ancusohm - would you mind awfully if I created my own system and used some of your work to help me put it together?? Someone at my table mentioned wanting to do some spelunking in the 'Neath and I thought I'd oblige them.

Also, where did you source the background material? Was it as-is somewhere on the net or did you write it yourselves?
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