Zong of the Zee: storage??

Looking to write my Zong of the Zee. But: as far as I can tell, there’s no ability to store items in my townhouse or elsewhere; so although I have a Strange Catch, some Artefacts etc., I cannot leave them waiting - instead I will need to sell them off to the University as otherwise I would rapidly run out of hold space.[li]

Is this intentional?

The ship upgrade has a larger hold. Might be you need a better ship before you can complete this objective? Storage in your lodgings in London wouldn’t suck though.

Yes, I wondered about that. OK, back to grinding…

Being able to offload items from your ship into your lodgings or a warehouse seems like a reasonable feature to add, yeah.

Also: as far as I can tell, the option to get a port report from Palmerston is locked when I have one. If that’s the case, how would I collect seven? :)

I just check Zong of the Zee today and it seems to only require 1 port report now.

Yep, changed; and changed again in fact to also require Port Cecil, no problem. Where I am going to find Lamentable Relics I have no clue as yet; and I need to find repeatable sources of Zee-ztories, Tales of Terror!, and Memories - any pointers, fellow zailors?

I believe I once found a Lamentable Relic, then mistakenly sold it to the Alarming Scholar (not worth it). Do you know Mutton Island, one of the random event (wander the shoreline or something like that), the one where you find the $500 soul, only instead of that option just pick another. I forgot since this only happen a day or so ago and I rely entirely out of memory

Zee-Stories I just started collecting, but forgot HOW to gain them in the first place, they do exist out their. Tales of Terror is easy, in a wander random event, when you encounter a story-teller, just listen. Another option is the port east of Vanderbright where this company (I forgot) operate. If you pick wander the Islan option, you have a chance to encounter a group of devil, just listen (need high veil, or is it mirror? I can’t remember) and tales of terror will appear.

Memories?, exploration, hard-work, hunting, just work hard
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In Port Cecil, you know the chess (Page) challenge thingy? Well, if you win, it sometimes give you a random number of secrets, just now I save and quit cuz I gain a total of 8 secrets with multiple tries before I failed, one of them give me 5 secret at once
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…and is it just me, or has Port Cecil stopped offering Port Reports? Which would be needed for the Zee Zong…?

Port Cecil never had port reports, did it? They must be planning to put that in later.


Just found out how to gather zee-ztories, just hunt the lifeberg

Much seeking (no, not Seeking) later - and with thanks to N156 for the lifeberg advice - I am now in need only of additional Secrets in order to write my Zong. Other than hunting Lorn-Flukes (which are really hard to find!), anyone have suggestions as to where additional Secrets might most easily be gained? Yes, I can (and will if needed) just wait until there are more places to go see, but maybe I am overlooking something in the meantime…
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I would be very interested in knowing how to get more secrets as well, as I am pretty stuck in the Magician Storyline - I’ve spent mine on stats, and have explored the majority of the map. I only get a slow trickle of fragments now, and not fast enough to offset ze terror…

I’ve got some secrets from the Acolyte, so that might work if you haven’t completed her story.

Ok - thanks! Is she a possible member of the crew? If not…I’ll find her somehow!

You need to find a long box to start the story, most likely in Venderbight though they sometimes come from killing things, and take it to the Station (near the Corsair’s Forest).

I would check your hold first though as getting one is not always obvious.

Edit to add you will probably have to make more than one visit before she starts telling you secrets but, fortunately, you only need one box to start her story. If you get more boxes later is just a bonus. don’t visit the low building until you are done with her story
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Aha! That storylet…thank you!

I edited my earlier post with a spoiler - it always takes me a while to figure out how to do them:)